Thank you for the wonderful poodle

Reilly enjoying his bedDear Jacquie and Ken,
many times I've written to you in my head to thank you for the wonderful dog you gave me. Just now I looked you up online and having found you I must write!

You sold us our dear Reilly (Keja's Iron Will Reilly's Luck) in January of 1997. He was born 11/11/96. Kenny was his brother and Fiona and Leo were his parents. Then a
few months later we got to meet you in the middle of California's Central Valley.
He has been the greatest! Now he is 13 and a half and people can't believe he's that old. I'm attaching a picture of him at the groomer's on 4/30/2010.

Reilly at the groomers
For the past three years he has had a brother, Liam, who is a Borzoi. They get along beautiful
ly and Liam has added some zest back into Reilly's life.
Reilly has had the perfect Standard Poodle temperament, easy-going, great with children. In his old age he is getting more stubborn about getting his own way, but never disagreeable. He has gotten somewhat deaf and has a little trouble with his hind end, which Duramaxx seems to help some. However he loves taking his 0.7 mile (round trip) walk to his 80-year-old friend Ginger's house. Ginger gives him treats.

My girls are grown up now and out of the house, but they both want Standard Poodles when they are in a position to have a dog.

I am so grateful to you for the wonderful breeding that went in to Reilly. He is a joy.

Thank you so much!


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1. Reilly's Sister wrote:
I am one of Jody's daughters and I would like to add my thanks, as well. Reilly is a wonderful dog--affectionate, happy, polite, and eager to please. I've lost track of how many visitors who "didn't like dogs" were singing Reilly's praises by the time they left. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful pet!

Sat, June 26, 2010 @ 4:56 PM

2. jennifer thomlinson wrote:
I too have a 13 year old Poodle (mine is a toy) and like you I am grateful for the time it took someone to bring her into the world (she was a rescued dog). She has no papers, all that I was told was that she came from Wetaskwin Alberta, and was bought as a gift? I would never have thought I would love a poodle (before I owned one) as they have an image of being rather pampered, primped ect. My girl is so intelligent, loyal, calm and affectionate, and it is funny, now I spend hours grooming and primping her! Now that I have lived with a poodle I will not consider another breed of dog. I am so glad to see that there are reputable breeders - continuing this fine line of animals.

Wed, January 12, 2011 @ 1:49 AM

3. Jody wrote:
Just an update to the above. Reilly is now fourteen and a half years old! His heart is strong and his liver and kidneys are doing great. His only problem, at this advanced age, is some creakiness in his joints!

Plus I've decided he wasn't deaf, just had "selective hearing"!!!

We just had a 16-month-old visit. All children fall in love with Reilly at first sight, and luckily, the feeling is mutual! Reilly's absolute favorite thing is having company, along with going to the shop to get groomed, where he sees all his friends.

To continue what my daughter said above, both of my sons-in-law had a bad experience with dogs early in their lives. Reilly painlessly taught them that dogs are cool!

Once again, huge shout-out to Keja Kennels, who took the time and care to breed a healthy, happy, friendly, and absolutely *gorgeous* poodle. Thank you!!!

Tue, May 31, 2011 @ 1:07 AM

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